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ServeDC’s main goal is to innovate, amplify collaboration, and service between Washingtonians, nonprofits, businesses, philanthropy and District agencies as a critical component to fostering shared and sustainable solutions that enhance the quality of life for District residents and make DC a world-class city. Their goal is to revitalize ServeDC’s corporate identity with a modern and fresh feel. Our design approach included incorporating design elements that exhibited modernity and freshness. For the logotype, we focused on imagery (ie. symbolism) that included a mnemonic device that conveyed one or more of the following ideas: volunteerism, humanity, service, community, engagement, and commitment. We focused on color that evoked empowerment, engagement, and advocacy. In addition to the brand design, we also crafted brand messaging.



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By Team member


(Monday – Friday,
except US holidays)

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10.30am – 6 pm

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PO Box 73024, Washington, DC 20056


Washington, DC

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